Guidelines on Eating Right Food to keep you Fit

Guidelines on Eating Right Food to keep you Fit

Nowadays, there is no control or guidelines on eating right food. Most people are attracted to delicious Burgers with lot of meat, or else they are used to eating Pizza or cheese or just meat or some thing else. Well, there are certain guidelines that help a person to follow a regime and have a good healthy eating habit.

There is always a question of what kind of food is better than others or different than others? Well vitamins, minerals, fats, soluble elements are all important and part of food. Vitamins usually can be used as a supplement and actually it is the best to remain healthy, cooling low fat meals helps.

There are four main food groups that often you see a health expert or nutritionists talk about when they are talking about balanced diet. With the different groups of food, there are serving amounts for adult and for children as well.

With meat, fist, poultry and beans there should be 2-3 servings a day. This group comes under the group of Protein and it’s a great source for that. Cooked beans are good for health because they are low in fat. Some of these foods can include, hamburger, eggs, beans, chicken, fish and peanut butter.

Dairy is important for calcium and protein. You can choose the low fat dairy from the store. There should be at least around 2-4 servings of dairy, it should include, cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and anything that contains milk.

Fruits and Vegetables are so important and they are low in fat and calories. They are not only great source of vitamins, potassium, fiber and carbohydrate energy but they are very nutritious for health. Orange or yellow vegetables contain Vitamin A. All citrus fruits including lemon contain Vitamin C. It is vital to have 2-4 servings of each. These include juices and all the vegetables and fruits either cooked or raw.

Grains are known as complex carbohydrates they provide vitamin B and fiber which are great source of energy. You can have 6-8 servings of this it includes, pancakes and pasta, bread, rice and cereals.

Fats and oils have to be used as low as possible. This includes oils, butter, sour cream, soda, candy and anything that has lots of calories. Fats and oils have to be really balanced to give you a healthy diet. Most people go for fat and oils rather than the other food which is equally important for the diet.

It is said under the new food group it should be any 2 fruits in a day, with 2 kinds of grains, 3 vegetables and 4 legumes. Legumes are beans, peas or lentils; these are really good for calcium, zinc, protein and B vitamins. The new food group can be integrated with total of 53 grams of fat in a day and total of 24 grams of sugar in a day that comes to eating 2 servings of Meat, fish and poultry.