The Art of Dieting

The Art of Dieting

I began the low carb lifestyle in April this year, when my second child was 6 months old.  At that time I had about 20 pounds to lose.  Fortunately, I was able to lose 18 lbs in about 3 months.  Then, after carefully watching calories, I dropped below my goal weight.  For the first time in years, I am healthy, I feel great and I am thin!

Interestingly, through my weight loss and maintenance journey, I have become rather fascinated with the entire realm of ‘dieting.’  I have found that, like an art, thin is a skill to be mastered.  This takes energy, effort and work, every single day.

I have learned that taking control over food is necessary to be successful at thinness.  It was through gathering knowledge, putting methods into practice, tailoring diets to fit my needs, constant focus, planning ahead, and consistency with healthy food choices, that I gained control over food.

What I put in my mouth is my choice.  I am in total control over the calories I consume.  Through trial and error I have learned how I must eat to stay at goal.  I have power over food and, because of this, I feel free.  My mind dictates food choices, not my appetite.  This gets easier and easier.  My eating has become routine.  Planning allows me to know what I’ll have for every meal, ahead of time.  I honestly look forward to every lunch and every dinner.

Art is commonly understood as a skill used to create an aesthetic result.  My way of eating has enabled me to achieve my goal weight.  Like art, a diet can offer different interpretations.  Like perfecting any skill, I found ways to modify my eating to get the results I desired.  This took concentration and discipline.

Low carb eating has become a passion for me.  However, I cannot eat everything and maintain thin.  I must manage calories to manage my weight.  Through practice, I’ve figured out what I have to do to stay content with my diet so that I can live thin and healthy, forever.

My diet consists, mainly, of protein and vegetables.  I eat beef, poultry, pork, fish, seafood and eggs.  I also eat vegetables.  In moderation, I eat cheeses, nuts, flax seed and dairy products.  Very occasionally I have berries.  What works for me is keeping my carbs way low.  This enables me to indulge my sweet tooth and enjoy wine, while maintaining my goal weight. 

Fats satisfy me, so I eat them; but they are limited.  Sometimes, I really enjoy having something sweet, especially after dinner.  So, I make healthy (low carb and low fat) baked goods and often have one or two servings after my evening meal.  I also have one glass of wine, every evening, with dinner.  Simplicity helps, a lot, for my menu.  Boring, perhaps, to some …  but it works for me.

I am not tempted to cheat or alter the way that I eat.  My diet is my art.  I have wrapped my brain around my food choices.  My mind dictates what I eat, nothing else does.  No one else does.  It’s a learned skill and has become quite automatic.  It really can be as easy as mind over matter.

I have committed to this way of eating, for life.  It’s easy for me to know I’ve made my diet a lifestyle because I truly enjoy every food I eat, even more than I ever did before.  I’m so happy with the foods I eat; they satisfy me and make me feel great!

I must credit Kimmer of the Kimkins Diet and (the late) Dr. Atkins for enabling me to learn through sharing their knowledge and experience.  They have been instrumental in supporting my weight loss, as I have incorporated so much from their eating plans into my own.  It’s also important to say that a lot of you fellow low carbers have helped me to learn and grow, too.  I thank all of you!

So, cheers to the decision about, the mindset on, and the commitment to, the low carb way of eating, for always!     Have a happy, healthy, and very fun Fall, everyone.