Chocolate In A Dark Form Is A Lot Better Than Any Other Colors

Chocolate In A Dark Form Is A Lot Better Than Any Other Colors

Chocolate has a delicious taste that most of us don’t know that it is made from plants. Which means it contains many of the health benefits of vegetables. Some of us don’t like eating vegetables but by eating chocolate, we are unaware that it’s the vegetable that we eat that contains hundreds of health giving benefits. This benefits is an antioxidants derived from a substance known as flavanoids. The purpose of these antioxidants is to protect the body from free radicals against aging. A large amount of these antioxidants can be found on dark chocolates. This substance known as flavanoid produces Nitric Oxide that aides the body in relaxing its blood pressure. And it also gives a balance hormone in the body.

This dark chocolate is very good for the heart. Consuming a small bar every single day will help the cardiovascular system working well and also for the heart to have well balanced function. And when it comes to heart, there are two benefits that this chocolate can give. It has the ability to lower the blood pressure and to lower the body fat index or the cholesterol level. It can also help people with high blood pressure to lower down there blood pressure by just eating a small bar of this dark chocolate which has shown in some studies. For body fat mass, this dark chocolate has the power to reduce Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol, which we better known as bad cholesterol as high as up to 10 percent of the current cholesterol level.

The other benefit that this chocolate can bring aside from protecting the heart is that this chocolate has an agreeably good taste. It also has the potential to regulate endorphin production which provides a feeling of pleasure and a bit of satisfaction and fulfillment. Its composition contains a substance known as Serotonin which acts as an anti depressant. This dark chocolate also contains a substance called Theobromine, and even an amount of caffeine which we all know as a best source to stimulate the body and the brain. A lot of other stimulants are also present in chocolate but are in small contents.

For persons that are more concerned about their body figure, there’s good news since it says that there is no need to stop eating chocolate but only to eat the exact amount. Fat contents in this chocolate do not impact the body cholesterol level. A composition of 0.33% of Oleic acid, 0.33 % of Stearic acid, and 0.33 % of Palmitic acid are the components of all fats in a chocolate. On the book of medicine and other health practitioner guide, this Oleic Acid is a monounsaturated fat which Olive Oil is known as its good source. Another component of this chocolate is a Stearic Acid which is a saturated fat that according to some research and studies shows to be of no effect on cholesterol, thus said to be of neutral state. The last known fat is called Palmitic Acid. This kind of fat is saturated and has the ability to raise cholesterol level and even risk for heart disease. As a summary, only 1/3 of the fat in dark chocolate is bad for cholesterol.

Since there is a presence of 0.33% as bad cholesterol on dark chocolates, it is always suggested to balance the intake of calories which only means not to eat a pound of chocolate a day since this is still a food of high calorie. Right intake of chocolate which is around 100 grams, that’s approximately 3.5 ounces would give a maximum benefits that a chocolate contains. There are 300 known compounds and components in every single bite of chocolate. This dark chocolate has a lot more contents of antioxidants compare to a milk chocolate or any other white chocolate since this dark chocolate has a content of cocoa for 65 percent or even higher.

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