Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Living a fast pace life in the twenty first century has resulted to a lesser time to exercise and cooking healthy well-balanced meals. People have started to stimulate their bodies with caffeine and nicotine to cope up with a busy day ahead, and again need depressants like alcohol to slow down at the end of the day. Sitting down to eat vegetables and fresh fruits have been replaced with stuffing themselves on the go with junk foods that are low in fiber and valuable polyunsaturated fat and instead fill in their diet with carbohydrates and saturated fat. People having this life style may more or less live longer on average than their ancestors, but most of them live their older years in chronic poor health, with medications to lower blood pressure and cholesterol to keep the blood from clotting. For short, they live their lives miserably with heart disease.

Given the prevalence of heart disease, there are many good reasons to take precaution and find ways to prevent heart disease. Although years of research have been unable to exactly explain the cause of heart disease, risk factors have been identified that can help find ways to prevent heart disease. Known risk factors for heart disease include high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, chronic emotional stress, elevated homocysteine, inactive physical activity, and family history of heart disease. Luckily, a lot of these risk factors can be modified and possibly eliminated through healthy ways to prevent heart disease.

Some ways to prevent heart disease are making some small changes in your diet, exercising regularly, taking a few nutritional supplements, and engaging in nurturing social activities. These ways to prevent heart disease can maximize your chances at living a long and healthy life. Keeping the heart and blood vessels healthy is very important; you may want to include the following ten things every day as some of the ways to prevent heart disease:

1. Exercise – exercise helps a lot for good blood circulation, simple exercises like breathing deeply for twenty minutes daily, or climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or taking a walk during your lunch break, or riding a bike to work.
2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – replacing fried, greasy foods and refined carbohydrates with servings of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables will make you diet a healthy heart-friendly one.
3. Fiber – add a tablespoon of fiber from oat bran, freshly ground flax seeds, or psyllium seed husks to your diet.
4. Garlic – adding a freshly minced garlic clove to your meal or taking two garlic tablets that contain 6000 mcg of allicin daily, can do wonders to your health.
5. Deep Sea/Cold Water Fish – eat a serving of mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna, or take fish oil supplements that provides 1000 mg EPA and 500 mg DHA.
6. Fresh Citrus Juice – drink a glass or two or take a 1000 mg Vitamin C supplement citrus bioflavoniods daily.
7. Red Wine – drinking a small glass of red wine or a large glass of unsweetened purple grape juice is good for the heart, or take a 100 mg pinebark supplement or grapeseed extract.
8. Vitamin E – add a 400 IU natural Vitamin E to your diet daily with 50mg Coenzyme Q10.
9. Vitamin B-Complex –take Vitamin B-complex supplement that contains at least 800 mcg folic acid, 50 mcg B12, and 25mg B6.
10. Emotional Release – share your feelings or take some quality time with you friend, family, or loved one.

These ways to prevent heart disease are simple and doable; all it takes is discipline and the right attitude towards having a healthy heart and a healthy you.

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