QUICK WEIGHT LOSS Veggies Are Your Friends Sweets Are Your Enemies

QUICK WEIGHT LOSS Veggies Are Your Friends Sweets Are Your Enemies

Are you aiming to lose weight for an event in the next 30 days? Are you in search of an easy and effective quick weight loss program? Here are some important things to remember to get you started with a quick weight loss program.


Carbohydrates are one of the biggest sources of fats in unwanted parts of your body. A very well-known quick weight loss diet program is the NO-Carb diet. Remember that every time you eat pasta, rice, potato, and other starchy food, these will all be converted to sugar. If you do not burn them, they will turn to fats. Fats look ugly on your tummy, your thighs, your arms, and neck. So think twice before eating that creamy buttery bread. Opt to take wheat bread instead. Wheat breads are rich in fiber and have lesser fat than your normal cream bread.


Vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients and fibers to help your metabolism. It also does not contain salt or sodium which is found on junk food. Sodium can cause weight gain because it stores water weight in your body. An effective quick weight loss diet should be low in sodium and rich in fiber.

Vegetables, like lettuce and radish help in the release of toxins from the body. The fibers in these kinds of vegetables are effective cleansers of body cells. Onions are also known in helping the body burn calories.

There are also fruits known to break down fats which are highly recommended in quick weight loss diets. Make sure that you eat the fresh fruits and not the sweetened canned or dried ones. Some of the fruits used in quick weight loss programs are watermelon, grapefruit, peach, and papaya. Citrus (lemons, oranges, grapefruits) have been found to be an effective diluter of fats. They break down the fats and assist your body in flushing them out. Fruits rich in fiber like apples are also known to prevent your body from absorbing fats. This fruit together with berries have a natural chemical known as Pectin. Pectin prevents your cells from absorbing fats that build up in time.


Junk food is very hard to resist. When you watch movies, it can never be the same without the salted or buttered popcorn to munch on. When you are watching television, it is always paired with your favorite chips. However, if you are serious about your quick weight loss target, STOP EATING JUNK FOOD AND SWEETS.

There are various healthier alternatives for your junk food or sweets craving. Instead of reaching out for your favorite potato chips, try walking to the kitchen and slice yourself a couple of bite size carrots or cucumber. The next time you feel like licking an ice cream and feeding your body calories, reach out for a fresh fruit and start munching. Fruits and vegetables are your quick weight loss friends. Junk food and sweets, on the other hand, are your worst quick weight loss ENEMIES.

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