Discover The Power Of Living Foods!

Discover The Power Of Living Foods!

There is definitely an advantage to eating a huge amount of living plant food each and everyday! These foods contain the life force necessary to help keep you healthy and free of disease. The living energy found in these foods will help you grow older with clearer skin, nails that are much stronger and hair that is less likely to fall out. The problem is that we have been trained to eat an unhealthy diet and becoming untrained can be tough.

Undoing a lifetime of habit can be quite a challenge. We began learning things as small children and build upon this knowledge as we get older. As we get comfortable with these learned habits, the thought of sudden change becomes less and less of a possibility. This is why we should teach our young children to eat an abundance of living veggies and fruits. Establishing a habit among your children of eating lots of living vegetables and fruits is one of the best things you could ever teach another human being. In the U.S., most adults and children don’t even come close to the minimum recommended daily servings of 2-4 fruits and 3-5 vegetables. And if you’re getting your fruits and vegetables from the market, more than likely you aren’t getting an adequate dose of maturely present phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are chemicals found in plant food that serve particular functions in the human body, depending on which of the several thousands of phytochemicals you are discussing. Different plant foods have different phytochemicals and you should eat a variety everyday to ensure you get plenty of them. The more of these living enzymes you get over time, the better you will feel and the better you health will be. A true nutritional role for phytochemicals is becoming more probable every day as research uncovers more of their remarkable benefits. One of the cutting edge subjects on phytochemicals is their role in anti aging.

As we moved away from eating the way our ancestors did, we began to develop diseases that now kill millions of people a year. Signs of these epidemics are not seen in rural parts of the world where people eat much more of a plant based diet.. These people have been reported to live long, healthy lives that are free of such illnesses as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. People on such diets seem to have an anti aging quality in relation to their physical health. According to the American Cancer Society- “eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day as part of a healthy diet can help reduce your risk of cancer.” This must be taken far more seriously than it is.

On the basis of modern research, biochemical researchers have identified certain phytochemicals that aid the body in keeping your immune strong and combating disease at all times. As an overall guideline, health authorities recommend that we consume diets rich in whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables as well as greatly reduce animal fat consumption. Eating beans, raw nuts and unheated vegetable oils will enhance your immune system to provide optimal protection from disease.

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